Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Winter Is NOT Coming... Yet

Public weather briefing

Madison will be reminded tonight that winter hasn't come just yet.  After a beautiful, warm day for early November, Madison will be hit tonight by some severe storms and receive up to 0.65" of rain.  Following the severe weather are cooler temperatures and high wind speeds for Madison, with a temperature low reaching 27˚F on Friday and winds up to 35mph on Thursday and Friday. However, the weekend will bring us less rigid weather conditions, with temperature around the high 50's and wind speeds up to 15-20mph, and clear skies.  On Monday throughout Wednesday, there will be scattered showers.


Tonight. Severe Storm through the morning.  Low in the lower 40's.

Thursday. High wind speeds and cloudy.  High of 49˚F.

Thursday Night. Still windy and cloudy.  Low of 34˚F.

Friday. Cloudy and Windy.  Skies might clear up some in the afternoon.  High of 45˚F, low of 27˚F.

Saturday. Clear skies.  High of 56˚F, Low of 39˚F.

Sunday. Clear skies, clouds to roll in during the afternoon.  High of 58˚F, Low of 41˚F.

Outlook for Monday through Wednesday. Cloudy, with a chance of scattered showers starting on Monday and continuing throughout the next two days. Highs staying in the mid 50's, lows around the low 40's.


Forecast Discussion

There is a strong low pressure system crossing Madison tonight from the Southwest.  This, along with frontogenesis and warm air advection, contribute to produce the rain that Madison will experience tonight.  A cold front will pass through on Thursday, bringing temperatures down by at least 10˚F from what Madison experienced on Wednesday.  With the cold front are strong gusts of wind that will be coming from the Northwest (a wind advisory will be in effect).  Broad scale ridging will bring about warm temperatures for the weekend.  A large scale trough will coming early next week to bring about some cloudy conditions and scattered showers.

Nicholas J. Vertz

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  1. This was a great forecast Nick! The storms that went through the Midwest caused quite the commotion last week. The optimal development of the storm brought severe weather to some areas, though Madison only got rained on (and a little bit of thunder/lightning). The next few days proved cloudy and quite blustery. As predicted, Saturday and Sunday were great weather days - probably the last time Madison will see 60 degrees for a long time. Finally, Monday and Tuesday indeed brought showers and moderate temperatures. Nice job Nick!


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