Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weary Weather

Public weather briefing

This week will be full of warm temperatures and partly cloudy days. Wednesday through Monday will be have highs in the upper 70's and lows in the upper 50's. There will be relatively low wind speeds making the warm temperatures feel a touch warmer. Fall colors will be a little later this year due to the warm temperatures that have been occurring in September thus far.


Tonight. Calm with partly cloudy skies. Low of 57.

Wednesday. Partly cloudy with light winds. High of 78.

Wednesday night. Partly cloudy with low wind.  Lows in the upper 50's.

Thursday. Partly cloudy with light winds. High 76. Low around 54.

Friday. Partly cloudy. High near 77.

Outlook for Saturday through Monday. Clear skies Saturday and Sunday, with a small chance of rain Monday.  Highs in the mid 70's Saturday and Sunday and Monday, Lows in the mid to  50's. [CONFIDENCE: HIGH]

Forecast Discussion

There is a strong cyclone centered over the Hudson Bay region that would have the potential to produce weather for us if it would have moved south. The cold front associated with this cyclone will stay to our north. We will have some slight warm air advection, but with wind speeds across the midwest being quite low, there won't be too much of an effect. We are under a broad ridge in the upper troposphere which will keep our skies storm free for the next couple of days. Warm temperatures will persist for the next couple days as well.

Gabe Bromley

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  1. Nice post, Gabe! The weather is pretty uneventful so a shorter post is reasonable, particularly for the public weather briefing. In your forecast discussion I liked the mention of the Hudson Bay cyclone and the assessment that it will not affect us here. The discussion for the weather over Madison could be beefed up a little bit - what part of the large-scale circulation is related to your statement about weak warm air advection? (western edge of the broad anticyclone you mentioned, which is associated with weak southerly winds I'm guessing). However you did connect this feature to a statement that storms will not be occurring in the vicinity which is great - next time you can even go as far as to state that the sinking air/ low level divergence associated with anticyclones is in particular what creates this nice weather (even if it feels obvious to say so!). Overall very nice job!


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