Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's a Bird, It's a Plan, It's an Anticyclone!

Public weather briefing

We had quite the warm weekend, but things are cooling down drastically.  We experienced some cooler weather on Tuesday, but the temperature is suppose to get down into the low 60's, and even high 50's (degrees Fahrenheit)!  We experienced a strange rainstorm which brought 2 inches of precipitation with it, but the rest of the week is looking dry.  It looks like Fall is right around the corner!


Tonight. Clear skies.  Low in the lower 40's.

Wednesday. Clear.  High near the Mid 60's.  

Wednesday Night. Clear.  Low near the lower 40's (wow!)

Thursday. Continued clear skies and temperatures.  Hight near the lower 60's.

Thursday Night. Still Clear.  Temperature getting down into the lower 40's.

Outlook for Friday through Sunday.  Clear skies sticking with us throughout the weekend.  Clouds with a small chance of rain on Sunday.  The temperature high will remain around the lower 60's-higher 50's, with the low staying around the lower 40's. [CONFIDENCE: MEDIUM]

Forecast Discussion

The presence of a trough north of Wisconsin is the reason why Wisconsin is getting a lot cooler throughout this week.  The winds flowing upstream between the ridge and the trough are bring the cooler airs from the northern parts of Canada southward.  This trough will move eastward throughout time, and downstream of the trough, the height contours become very meridional and the upper level winds become very strong.  Following the trough is a weak surface anticyclone that was present in North Dakota/Minnesota.  However, as time will progress and as the trough moves eastward, the anticyclone will follow the trough and strengthen dramatically, reaching a pressure of around 1046mb!
It's important to note that Tropical Storm Joaquin is present off the southeast coast of Florida, but it's difficult to predict where it will hit land.  Lastly, there's a huge trough over the south coast of Alaska that a strong surface cyclone is associated with.  However, due to curvature and the physical features along the coast of British Columbia, it will become somewhat stationary along the coast. (but not weaken!)

Nicholas J. Vertz

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