Monday, September 28, 2015

The Anticipated Cool Down

Public weather briefing

We're on the theoretical last leg of warm weather! (Yay for fall?!) After the consistently warm temperatures we've been having, this week might be a slight shock to the system. There will be rain much of this evening, starting after the Packer game tonight (around 11PM) and taping off in the morning, by about 10AM. Clouds will clear throughout the day Tuesday and the temperature will reach a mild mid-60s. The rest of the week will bring consistently sunny skies and temperatures in the low-60s. 


Tonight. Rain for much of the night, starting after ten and ending around mid-morning Tuesday. Up to a half inch of rain is expected. Temperatures will drop throughout the night, with lows in the upper 50's. 

Tuesday. Rain tapering off by 10, clouds clearing into a sunny afternoon. High of 64.

Tuesday night. Clear and cool.  Low in the lower 40's.

Wednesday. Sunny but remaining cooler. High just above 60. Low around 42.

Thursday. Continued sunny with light winds. High around 62.

Outlook for Friday through Sunday. It will remain mostly sunny and clear for the rest of the week. Temperatures will climb to about 60 each day, and fall to about 40 at night. [CONFIDENCE: MEDIUM]

Forecast Discussion

A line of precipitation will sweep through the area tonight. The band is associated with a low pressure system located all the way over the Hudson bay, and stretches across much of the Great Plains. Location from Madison to western Nebraska will receive rain accompanying this system. Geopotential gradients over the continental United States are weak, however the two impressive low pressure systems located in far northern Canada are forcing the upper level flow regimes. There will be a strong jet streak that builds from northern Minnesota to the tip of Quebec. As the system moves downstream, it will become almost linear, and Wisconsin will be on the northern jet entry region. This will result in convergence aloft and sinking air, bringing us sunny days. Additionally, the downstream propagation of the system will usher colder air from Canada into our area, resulting in our cooled temperatures. 

Kaitlyn Krzyzaniak

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